Matthew McDonald

Over the past 15 years, Matthew McDonald’s work has assisted thousands of online marketers.

Born into a large family in 1978 in Tasmania Australia, Matthew Mc Donald had the privilege of being welcomed into a warm family in a blessed country. Living between Australia and Finland Matthew was exposed to multicultural lifestyle at a very early stage.

Leaving School at the age of 15, Matthew wanted to start making money and get on with life. From the first job at Mc Donald’s family restaurant, to dozens of other jobs including working as an extra in Flipper and Lost World on the Gold Coast, Matthew experienced a wide range of employment field.

Matthew’s desire for missions and global experience led him as a volunteer organisations in some of the most remote parts of the world, including Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Thailand, China and Cambodia.

After building a successful online business and dozens of websites, Matthew turned his entrepreneurial passion into helping other people achieve the financial freedom and liberty of building their own online business.

Connect With Matthew McDonald on Facebook

Connect With Matthew McDonald on Facebook

Latest Publication August 2015: Squeeze Page Transformation Report


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